We are happy to present to you the members of the India Delegation with their project: Right to SAFE education

School: Espalier The Experimental School (Nashik, India)

Project Description: Inhuman treatment given to a school girl in Kopardi village in Maharashtra sparked serious concern on the issue of girls safety. In a society where a lot is being done to educate girls the biggest drawback is that nothing is being done to ensure their safety. According to a survey – In India only 8 girls out of 100 who enroll for Std I complete their education till Std X. This data stimulated class room discussions and a survey was done for a month to assess the situation. We found that girls were being eve teased on the way to their school. After the survey students were deeply affected by the plight of girls in the slums of the City. Their undeterred approach gave rise to-: “Right to SAFE education”.

Impact: 20-50 people

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