Yes, from Design for Change Spain we will continue to inform you of all the news about the Be The Change Celebration that we are preparing with such enthusiasm for the 11th and 12th November in Madrid. However, we believe it is best to have all the information related to the BTC 2017 in a web.

Soon we will announce the website where you can learn more about our great international event. In it you will find information on:

  • Better Together: Our beloved motto of the BTC 2017. We tell you why together is better and why the Design for Change projects are magical. 
  • Delegations: a world map shows you at a glance why the BTC 2017 will be something great thanks to the participation of DFC delegations from all continents. In addition, you will be able to see the project sheet from each delegation, including the people that integrate it and their project.
  • The Celebration: a really practical section, since you will find, in addition to the planned schedule (link), the details of: o   Agenda

    o   Workshops

    o   Inspiring talks

    o   Performance
  • Participate: in an event that is overall collaborative, we indicate how to be an active part in the BTC, either through the social networks or by directly proposing a workshop that can be integrated in the event.
  • Partnerships: here you will find which people and organizations help us make the BTC 2017 a success.

In addition, to follow the conversations around the BTC we have now incorporated a Twitter panel with all the publications tagged with the official hashtag: #BetterTogetherBTC. Remember that you can also tag your tweets!

Better together!