Sometimes, to light a flame, it simply takes a spark. We will re-ignite the I CAN spirit with some very special sparks at the next Be the Change Celebration and we will do it for the first time all together in Europe, in Spain, in Madrid. It will be magic. Because together is better. Better Together!

As you know, this year’s motto of our great international event is Better Together and the thread of the meeting will be the magic. How will we do it? Putting together the “sparks” that each delegation will bring with their projects.

The magic of all those DFC projects carried out by children and young people will change the world. Each of these sparks is unique, contagious and essential in the magic formula that we will all prepare. Together.

And the integrating element of all that illusion will be a magic cauldron that we wanted to represent graphically. We officially present to you all the Better Together logo.