Together we bring forth the magic. We have checked it course after course in the long-distance race that represents the I CAN School Challenge, as well as in each celebration event and, of course, in every Be The Change Celebration. This year, our great international appointment is very special for the team in Design for Change Spain because, as you know, we have in our hands the organization of the first BTC to be held in Europe, the sixth edition in the history of the global DFC movement. On this occasion we released a motto in which we firmly believe: Better Together. Children and young people from at least 22 countries around the world will meet in Madrid on the 11th and 12th November to prove that they are always better together.

All of us who are part of Design for Change are committed to working together because we have experienced how the strength is built …

embracing the differences, be they by nationality, culture, religion, age or any other.

focusing on the common, in front of what separates us.

putting the collective in the center.


Magic is change, transformation. That is precisely what happens with DFC, in every project that makes our reality a little better. It’s also what we want to relive at the next Be the Change Celebration. Inspired by the science of alchemy and its transforming power, children, youth and facilitators will join forces, empowered and committed to this important mission.

We will put mind, body and soul to achieve an objective that transcends us all: change the world. And together is better. Better together.


Less is more

In our magic formula to change the world many ingredients intervene; however, we are convinced that less is more. Yes, – is +.

It is less what differentiates us and more what unites us.

With less selfishness and more solidarity, respect and compassion, we will achieve more impact, creativity and strength.

Under these premises, we can exceed our expectations. By creating synergies, anything is possible. Also a better world. Something magical. Based on the inspiration, the effort and the will of change of children and young people of the whole planet.