Stories do not always begin to be told from the beginning. Our chronicle of the Be the Change Celebration 2017 begins at the end, at the magical moment that marked the end of an intense weekend of celebration of the I CAN spirit. The magic was the result of the enthusiasm and involvement of all those who make possible the Design for Change movement, of those who have carried out their projects to change the world, of those who have united their voices in a single cry: Better Together! It was the end of a road that, in reality, continues.

The auditorium of the Cardenal Spínola School became a very special forest, the perfect setting for a great gathering of druids from all over the world, with a large cauldron in which to create the magic formula of change. When we turned it on we announced the inauguration of the great DFC meeting and we added the necessary ingredients, the wisdom was accumulated until it unveiled the map we drew among all.

BTC Better Together

Magic was present at all times.

All the elements were decisive, from the musical energy …

… to the acrobatics.

Mr. Cande in action #bettertogetherBTC

Una publicación compartida de Asociación DFC España (@dfcspain) el

The level of energy rose as we got to know the projects of the 28 participating delegations in the hands of their protagonists.

Kiran reminded us that contagious is a very good word while telling us what it means to love our children, without conditions, in her talk “What does it mean to love our children”.

Also essential were the inspiring words of Mark Prensky and Koro Cantabrana with her son, Alan Parra.

We showed how inspiration can come in any form and at any time. For example, working.

We also moved our energy in an endless number of workshops, with music, dance, virtual reality, origami, story telling, improvisation, parliamentary football, percussion with the body, mindfulness …

Airplanes were flown with our best wishes.

An applause for the invaluable work of the volunteers was not forgotten. Another applause was for our sponsors (INJUVE, Fundación CEPA González Díez, SM y Centro Universitario Cardenal Cisneros) and partnerships (TeamLabs, La Tienda de Hob, Fully Creative, Madrid Foro Empresarial, Institución Educativa SEK, Ilunion Hotels, Quelinka, Grupo Spcie, Fundación Spínola, Madrid Convention Bureau, bq).

Al last, we invoked a fire that must be kept alive by recreating a storm with our body.

We’ll succeed if we’re in this together.

See you in Taiwan! Better Together! #BetterTogetherBTC