We are happy to present to you the members of the Colombia Delegation with their project: The Children of NASA

School: Educational Institution of Rural Development Miguel Valencia (Jardín, Antioquia)

Project Description: The children of Jardín, Antioquia identified that they did not like and were afraid of mathematics and sciences, “we do not want more language, chalk and board”. Because of this, they created an initiative with the purpose of attracting other children from the school to like maths and science. They designed a new methodology to learn through play, research, experimentation, and at the same time, to help them study climate change and support farmers in the area. The project seeks to have students collect and report on a daily basis climate variables to help NASA study global warming, to calibrate their satellite records in space as they pass over the school and to share up-to-date information to coffee growers of the area on the implications of climate in agriculture.

Impact: 55 leaders, 521 students and 250 farmers

Original Video: link