We are happy to present to you the members of the Guatemala Delegation with their project: Breaking Down Traditional Walls

School: Justo Rufino Barrios Official Urban School for Girls (Concepción Chiquirichapa, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala)

Project Description: It is a project that changes the school environment. The ideas emerged with the whole class as a result of the discomfort that the girls have felt in the course of their school life from the first grade of primary to the sixth grade. In order to carry out this project, it was necessary to feel the needs and imagine the results and to work on everything that was planned (measuring, cleaning, selling, working, requesting, planting, etc.). Their execution fostered collaboration and teamwork as well as the joy of doing things in a fun way without thinking about gender or age. The impact of the project is strong. An example of this is that girls across the school prefer to receive classes under the roof of this open-air classroom because they feel better there, as it is somewhat different, contrary to what the traditional educational system has as a concept of literate classrooms, with blackboard and posters placed on the walls. For its structure; it is estimated that it will last ten years, so that not only 260 girls who are currently in school this year will benefit from it, but a large children community that will be receiving their knowledge in the following years, until 2027.

Impact: 260 girls and children community

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