We are happy to present to you the members of the Israel Delegation with their projects “Teach Kids” and “Stray Dogs”

School:Teach Kids”: Merchavim School (Rishon L’zion, Israel) and “Stray Dogs”: Experimental School (Neveh Midbar, the Beduine village Abu Queder Negev Desert)

Project Description: “Teach Kids”: The students felt they wanted to help kids who are struggling with their studies and weren’t receiving the help they needed.  They brainstormed to imagine solutions and decided to establish an after school study center which they called “Teach Kids”. The idea was to offer help with homework to younger students using games and giving lots of personal attention.

“Stray Dogs”: One day when a student came late to school, out of breath and covered in mud the kids knew right away that there was a problem. The boy slipped in the mud running from a barking stray dog. His friends knew just how that felt and decided to solve the problem of stray dogs in their area. They imagined what if would be like to feel safe as they came to school and wanted to address this this problem for them and all the people who live in the area and experience the same fear.

Impact: “Teach Kids”: 20 student mentors and 40 children and “Stray Dogs”: 5000 people

Original Video: “Teach Kids”: link and “Stray Dogs”: link