You share and extend the I CAN virus wherever you go. You are a fan of Design for Change and now, in addition to being able to tag your posts in networks with the #MuyFanDFC hasthag, you can also add our frame to your Facebook profile picture. Only for big DFC fans!
Sure you have already seen or used profile picture frames available on Facebook to support various causes. Now, as an active part of Design for Change, you can also use a very special frame that we have prepared for you and that your contacts will be able to see.

We tell you how to add the #MuyFanDFC frame to your Facebook profile picture step by step:

  1. Access your Facebook account, go to the DFC Spain page and click the Test button (Probar) in the publication that is fixed at the top.

    In case of not locating the post, you can directly enter the publication that is below these lines and choose the “Use frame” option (Usar marco).


  2. Select the #MuyFanDFC frame and choose how long you want to have it before you have the profile picture you had until now. You can choose terms already defined, customize it or select the option “Never” if you want to change it at another time manually.

    Marco y plazo MuyFanDFC

  3. Click the “Use as profile photo”  button (Usar como foto de perfil) and your picture will be updated with the #MuyFanDFC frame.

    MuyFanDFC Facebook


A few friends of Design for Change have already proven that they are #MuyFanDFC. Join up!