Better Together! We do not get tired of saying it over and over again. Wherever we go we carry this slogan with us. Because we are convinced that together is better. And, for you, what is Better Together? We encourage you to share a photo or video on social networks that reflects what the 2017 Be the Change Celebration slogan means to you.

From the DFC Spain team we are flooding all our channels of communication with this encouraging message. We have also joined our Design for Change colleagues from around the world. Will you join us?


You can do it in photo or video, from the beach or the mountain, at home or in the street. The important thing is to say loud and clear that together is better. Better Together! And, if possible, accompany your message with the hashtag #BetterTogetherBTC and a mention to our Facebook account ( or Twitter (@dfcspain).


We share with you some inspiring examples.


You can record yourself in a special place, in class, in your favorite corner.


Or do it as a team, like some of the delegations that have already confirmed their participation.

You cannot come? No problem. This message is universal and timeless. Partners from all over the world who will not be able to join us in Madrid on 11 and 12 November are also joining the shout of Better Together!

Would you rather take a picture or a drawing? There are some illustrations that we have been publishing in our networks.

Share with the world what Better Together is for you!