All of us who participated in the Be the Change Celebration in Madrid keep a backpack full of good memories, smiles, games, music, learning and shared feelings, plus a reinforced conviction: Better Together! It was an unforgettable experience.

To keep remembering, we asked some of the participants, members of the organization, educators, facilitators and people involved in the Design for Change movement to give us their impressions, including a headline, of what BTC 2017 was for them.

“Magic is real, just ask any child”

“2 day journey of getting inspired by children”

“Not just seeing the magic but being part of the magic”

“The BTC shows an example how to make the world better – promote “I Can” Mindset at school. Today. All together.”

“A unique event where kids from all over the world have the opportunity to meet and tell there stories of change.”

“Kids change the world for a better place”

“An inspirational event you don’t want to miss!”

“Children Change Ceremony from 30 Countries”

“As director of DFC Chile, for me the BTC Madrid was inspiring. It was a faithful expression of the DFC spirit that was clearly transmitted at all times: children were always the protagonists, the message “better together” was the guiding thread, also always present, and there was a notorious effort to produce a magical event, full of joy and unity. In particular, I was struck by the various activities aimed at leading participants to connect with each other (the gymkhana, the BTC Diary, etc.). They leave us a high standard for future organizers, but with a lot of illusion to reach it to continue feeding this great movement that is DFC. “DFC Chile Natalia

“DFC has given me back the hope that a better world is possible and has shown me that empowered children can improve their lives, as well as those of the people around them and their communities. They only need an opportunity”. DFC Spain Noura

“After joining BTC2017 at Spain, I know it is the right way to go 🙂 Joining the DFC family, of course, we are Better Together”. DFC New Zealand Vivian