Two days. A city. A motto: #BetterTogetherBTC. Hundreds of illusions coming from more than 30 countries and summarized in one. The BTC (11-12 November, Madrid) will be the goal and beginning of a long journey: to change the world. And that can only be done by the brave. It will be magical.

Shaping a celebration like this is a challenge. That is why, on this occasion, the Design for Change movement has invoked magic to further extend the I CAN spirit. As you know, the symbol representing our “Better Together” is a cauldron full of sparks, a metaphor for all the change projects launched carried out around the world.
Thus, the Auditorium of the Cardenal Spínola School in Madrid will become a magical forest where, around a cauldron, there will be a meeting of Druids, those sages endowed with the ability to see what can become. “How much can the world improve if we get on with it?” We will ask them.
The representatives of the delegations will become DFC Druids and share the wisdom they have acquired and have channeled this year through Design for Change. Coming from all corners of the planet, they will present innovative projects and utter inspiring words. Each contribution will go to the magic cauldron in the form of a small sphere, a marble, symbol of each of the achievements.
A community of more than 500 people will come to the meeting, who will help to fill the cauldron with their good wishes and energy, with sparks generated from projects, workshops, inspiring talks and endless activities. Only this way, between all, we will discover the formula for change and the magic of the BTC will arise.
And, as energy is always transformed, the Druids will be able to return all that power to the assistants in the form of will. “I CAN”, they will say. “Better Together,” they will all repeat. From the cauldron, a revealing image will be emerge, formed by everything and by all that make the spirit of Design for Change possible, a mosaic of which we are all part and that will serve as guide for us to continue transforming the world.
Only the brave will be able to take on this mission, aware that there is only one way to do it: together.