New website unveils the Erasmus+ project Clicks On! Through an innovative pedagogical approach and a complete toolbox, this European project will make it possible to concretely accelerate awareness on climate emergency in secondary schools.

The Clicks On project is being carried out by Italy, Spain and France in 7 schools. In Spain, Design for Change España and María Reina School (Fundación Educativa Jesuitinas) are leading the project together with Purísima Concepción School (Fundación Escuela Teresiana).

The aim of the project is to raise awareness on climate issues and carbon accounting among the largest possible number of students and staff. On the new website, secondary school teachers will now be able to find all the resources they need to set up the Clicks On project.

The partners of the European consortium of the Clicks On project (2020-2023) are creating a complete educational kit. Through a  structured pathway, this kit will allow students – as well as teachers and staff – to familiarise themselves with energy and climate issues, collect data and even measure their own carbon footprint of their school.

Counting is good, acting is better! At the end of the calculation phase, the kit enables the construction of an action plan to reduce the school’s carbon footprint.

For this second year of experimentation, the website listing the different contents of the project is now online! European schools wishing to join the project for the school year 2021-2022 can still do so. Go to to:

  • Learn about the Clicks On project process
  • Raise awareness on energy and climate issues among school staff
  • Download the educational content

Educating future European citizens about climate emergency challenges is essential to ensure global awareness on the need to measure and reduce GHG emissions. The website will be updated throughout the year with new developments, including a carbon footprint calculator accessible online. 

Clicks On Project is an Erasmus+ Project which was born thanks to the cooperation of 6 european organizations: ABC (Association Bilan Carbone), AC (Avenir Climatique), Amicucci Formazione, Università Politecnica delle Marche (UNIVPM), Colegio María Reina and Design for Change Spain. This collaboration aims at developing a replicable tool for European educational institutions to raise awareness on climate change, promote action and facilitate students’ behavior by providing them with useful means capable of measuring their schools’ carbon footprint. Students’ involvement together with teaching and ANE staff support is going to be very useful for ensuring a responsible engagement towards the planet.

About the Erasmus+ programme

Erasmus+ is the integrated programme of the European Union (EU) in the fields of education and training, youth and sport, offering opportunities for all people and in all educational sectors (School Education, Vocational Education and Training, Higher Education and Adult Education).

Erasmus+ is an integrated programme with 3 Key Actions with opportunities for all people and in all educational sectors (School Education, Vocational Education and Training, Higher Education and Adult Education):

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