María Ji Hernández, alumna del Colegio Santa Teresa de Jesús de Las Palmas e integrante de #ImpulsaCambio, ha sido elegida como nueva miembro del Student Council 2021 de Design for Change Global. Durante un año trabajará junto a 10 estudiantes de 10 países de los 5 continentes para aportar soluciones que mejoren el mundo. ¡Descubre su historia de cambio!



My name is María, and I am 15 years old. I live in Gran Canaria, Spain, and I am studying in my first year of high school at Santa Teresa de Jesús School in Las Palmas

I have been linked to Design for Change for two years. At first, I was a little confused when the school proposed working on this project to us and I did not know very well what it was, or what it meant

Today, I am here to represent Spain as part of the Student Council. I am super excited and committed to doing my best

Once you know the Design for Change movement it is impossible not to get excited, as it is gratifying to grow up collaborating and participating in their projects. 

The idea that we have developed in our school is: Take care of the planet, it gives you life. We are working on it, we are developing it, we are elaborating it and... We were very lucky to be able to travel to Rome, meet Pope Francis, and share this experience with young people from all over the world

I want to continue working and being part of the Design for Change family. 

Many thanks and regards

María Ji Hernández


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